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Letter: Killing of Iran official will have dire consequences

I was incredulous upon hearing the news of President Trump’s decision to launch a military strike that has killed Iran’s Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a man described as that country’s second most powerful and beloved figure after the Ayatollah.

This will be construed as an act of war, and was carried out against a hostile, nuclear power. It will surely have unexpected and devastating consequences for Americans. That the president could do this without consultation with Congress or our allies, and with apparently little input from advisers, is outrageous, and shows little regard for the aftermath.

At this time no one seems to know what his plan is, if indeed he has a plan. Unfortunately, it also demonstrates how Congress has failed to protect its rightful authority concerning military action. If Trump’s motive was to deflect attention from the impeachment hearings, he has in effect put our country, and others, in peril.

And because he has chosen to ignore or remove many seasoned foreign relations personnel from positions around the world, we are left without their experience and ability when it is desperately needed to negotiate peaceful alternatives to military solutions. America has traditionally been a defender of peace, not a nation of warriors. I am outraged and dismayed by these events.

Barbara Palazzo


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