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Letter: Curbing solitary confinement puts guards, society at risk

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has shown his affection for criminals with his new bail reform laws and we have already seen its negative effects. What we do not see publicly is the damage he has done to the employees that work behind the walls in the Department of Corrections.

The governor on his own signed an executive order limiting the use of solitary confinement. First off, the inmates placed in special housing units are afforded more programs and services than those in the general population. This is just him trying to placate his constituents.

The individuals placed in special housing are there because they cannot follow the rules of the agency and facility. It would only stand to reason that some of those in society that cannot follow rules and laws of the land that landed them in jail would also violate individuals and laws in prison.

To not be able to remove them from the general population places both staff and inmates in grave danger.

If you cannot remove an individual from the general population or you limit the time of removal, it gives the criminals power and rewards their unruly behavior. Is this what we expect from the state’s chief executive?

Vinny Blasio

Lieutenant at Lakeview Correctional Facility

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