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Letter: College cheating scandal exposed atrocious behavior

A recent letter writer rationalized the anger at the cheating that wealthy people, like Lori Laughlin did, as based on “jealousy and envy.”

The actions of the parents were wrong on many levels.

First, these parents demeaned their own offspring by treating them as cosseted, fragile, insecure individuals whose psyches would be irreparably damaged by not being admitted to the college of their dreams.

Secondly, these “wealthy, beautiful celebrities” enlisted their children in perpetrating a fraud.

There is no way that a child who had never held an oar, or sat in the coxie seat of a racing shell, and competed in a regatta, was oblivious about the scam that they were abetting in pursuit of college admission, by getting their picture taken in a racing shell.

There was no way that a child who had never held a foil, an epee or a sabre was oblivious to the fact that they had never competed on a fencing team.

The lesson that these “wealthy beautiful celebrities” are teaching their children is cheating is the way to get through life, if they cannot succeed on their own merits.

Thirdly, some of these “wealthy, beautiful celebrities” are being accused of tax fraud because they claimed that the exorbitant amounts of money they paid, to ensure a college acceptance for their otherwise less qualified child, as a charitable donation.

All these parents would better serve their children by allowing them to realize that failing at something, or not getting what you want all the time, is not the worst thing that can happen.

More insidious, it may have been the fragile egos of some of the parents which was the driving force behind the cheating.

It must be difficult to come to the realization that although you may be “a wealthy, beautiful celebrity” your child does not qualify for the school of YOUR dreams.

Larry Finkelstein

East Amherst

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