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Letter: Bills fan is unhappy with Daboll’s offense

Somewhere along the coaching journey in the National Football League an individual must realize his potential and value to any team that employs that individual.

Everyone wants one of the coveted 32 positions available after working their way up the ranks. Usually they were very successful coordinators with success programs. That step from coordinator to head coach is one of the biggest in all of football.

Not many are very successful being a head coach and in this retread league they are usually able to find another coordinator position after being fired. They shouldn’t have left in the first place. I hope and pray that Leslie Frazier realizes this and stays put and continues to do an excellent job. Brian Daboll, on the other hand, should take the first head coaching position available.

I’m confident that he can hoodwink another organization into a big fat contract as a head coach. I personally do not consider him even an average offensive coordinator as he has failed miserably to exploit the talent that he has available week in and week out.

I see very little growth at the quarterback position under his tutelage. His game plans and play calling is helter skelter and at times looks chaotic. Successful screen plays? My junior varsity teams ran better screens.

He is very predictable just by formations. Bringing in players predicts the play to be called. It has to be very obvious to any defensive coordinator preparing to play the Bills. I’m very surprised that changes haven’t been made.

Bill Krieger


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