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Letter: A new Harry Truman would defeat Trump

The Sunday, Dec. 22, Buffalo News opinion article about President Harry S. Truman posing the question of whether the Democrats win in 2020 with someone like him inspires reflection and thought.

President Truman had humble farm-bred beginnings and was an extremely pragmatic individual. After struggling to get into military service during World War I because of his poor vision, he became a hero as an artillery officer.

His presidency came after the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, who was a tough act to follow. Until his accession, he was not privy to the Manhattan Project but used the A-bomb to conclude WWII.

He served this nation extraordinarily well during these tumultuous years and retired quietly to live with his wife in Independence, Mo., spurning the accumulation of wealth from public service.

Truman was acutely familiar with the critical role of American manufacturing during WWII and was elected by average working Americans. So he wouldn’t have any part in facilitating today’s government trade policy whose function is to sideline the American workforce and domestic manufacturing by surrendering technology, granting unfair, unreciprocated trade deals with philosophically opposite countries while producing catastrophic national deficits. He would not tolerate the promotion of mass illegal immigration to further lower wage and employment opportunities.

He would be much more concerned with Japan and China’s colossal penetration and the role of our own multinational billionaires in the deterioration of our internal politics and economy, than the mostly external threat from Russia.

Truman would be attuned to Brexit and make note of Berlin’s refusal to have former President Reagan’s statue in their city. Their perception of egregious Reaganomics is triggered by their own previous experience of being misled by Germany’s former great theatrical communicator.

A candidate with Truman’s character and inclination would eclipse President Trump’s platform and win hands down in 2020.

Louis Boehm

Orchard Park

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