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Letter: Trump supporters blind to his many flaws

I read the Dec. 27 piece regarding Trump Country. Essentially, the article indicates that what the profiled family likes is Trump’s position on trade – while, clearly, they suffer for it. This makes little sense.

In this way, the article reflects the strangeness of the support for President Trump I see around me: I’m astonished at how many injustices and offenses people are willing to shrug off or even endorse – because of “the economy.”

I see dear friends being poisoned by daily disinformation on Fox News and the president’s Twitter feed, accepting lies as fact.

We see this administration’s refusal to provide documents, witnesses, or testimony in dealing with matters relevant to Congress and our Constitutional standards. We all know of the president’s infidelities, his mocking of the disabled, his insults of John McCain, his jealous attack on a girl of 16 with a disability who challenged the president’s inaction on climate change.

We saw Puerto Rico suffer immeasurably more because Trump took a disliking to the mayor of San Juan. We heard Trump’s character attack on the passing of a revered old senator. We hear him disparage his predecessor at every turn; let’s not forget Trump’s hateful and ugly birtherism.

We know about the immigrant family members piteously torn from each other at the border, destroying hearts and lives for generations to come. We’ve heard his ugly, dehumanizing words – “rapists,” “infestation,” “vermin.”

But it’s all OK because ... the economy?

The people who surprise me are good-hearted people. Most attend church. They are kind, yet they are willing to justify this president’s lies, vengefulness, bigotry, obstruction, and crushing of democratic norms. And evidently they’re OK with cruelty. It’s not affecting them, and besides, “stocks are doing just great.”

To them I say, with love: The size of your bank account is not a measure of your decency. You simply cannot be a good person while you endorse lies, cruelty and wrongdoing.

Nancy Denault Weiss


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