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Letter: Trapping has no place at an animal refuge

On a recent visit to hike the 1.8-mile Iroquois loop trail near the Alabama swamps I noticed only a couple of fox tracks and no other fur animal tracks.

At the bridge I saw a faint small track of a mink or marten. After the trail I parked at the observation area looking for small game and waterfowl.

Instead of animals I observed a guy pulling a sled on the ice with about 20 4-foot poles with orange tape on them. I asked if he was ice fishing.

No, he said, he was trapping the fur animals with leg traps. What!

Here is the Iroquois Refuge center for wildlife – with some guy killing the fur animals at the observation area when we are trying to see one.

What kind of protection management is that? Kids – and adults – will never see animals there that way.

What can be done to not kill the few fur animals left, at least at the refuge park?

Bob Baker


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