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Letter: Please keep vehicles on roads, not sidewalks

This opinion is based upon observations made over a few years. Webster’s Dictionary describes a sidewalk as “a path for pedestrians paved along the side of a street.”

Street is described as a “public road for vehicle use with sidewalks on one or both sides.”

Bicycle is describe as “a vehicleE on a metal frame with two or more spoked wheels propelled by foot pedals or a small engine.”

Automobile is described as a vehicle also.

New York State law prohibits vehicles to be driven on sidewalks.

When the weather gets better, the exercise buffs get their vehicles (bicycles) out and proceed to ride on sidewalks that by definition are for pedestrians. Most are adults that either have a fear of riding on the roads, or are not confident of their cycling skills. They do wear helmets, so they remain politically correct, and in case they run into a pedestrian who may have their backs to them, or are looking in a shop window.

Next to come our way may be electric motor bikes that can go up to 22 MPH on the sidewalks. Note: No physical strength or skill required just, “get out of my way!”

Excuses for mishaps may be “I didn’t see them looking in that shop window.” “They didn’t hear my bell.” “They were stopped, picking up loose change.”

Spring is coming and the vehicles will be out and about. My cycling will still be on the road, and my walks on the sidewalks.

Good luck everyone, be careful, but most of all consideration would be wonderful!

Gary Bauer

Orchard Park

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