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Notable worldwide deaths in 2019

The world lost giants in many fields of endeavor in 2019 and the news of their deaths often touched home.

Many of them we seemed to know intimately through the media as authors, entertainers, athletes and government leaders. Others made their presence felt in more subtle ways, through the money in our pockets and the clothes we wear.

Here are some of the most notable, in alphabetical order:

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, 48, brutal ISIS leader, died Oct. 26.

Luis Alvarez, 53, New York City detective who was champion of 9/11 responders, died June 29.

Ginger Baker, 80, superstar rock drummer, died Oct. 6.

Russell Baker, 93, popular syndicated New York Times columnist and humorist, died Jan. 21.

Henry W. Bloch, 96, tax preparation pioneer who founded H&R Block, died April 23.

John C. Bogle, 89, founder of financial giant Vanguard, died Jan. 16.

Jim Bouton, 80, pitcher who authored tell-all memoir, “Ball Four,” died July 10.

Gert Boyle, 95, took over family company, Columbia Sportswear, and made it flourish, died Nov. 3.

Sydney Brenner, 92, Nobel Prize winner who helped discover the structure of DNA, died April 5.

Bill Buckner, 69, baseball all-star shadowed by World Series error, died May 27.

Diahann Carroll, 84, actress who broke color barriers, died Oct. 4.

Carol Channing, 97, larger-than-life Broadway star, died Jan. 15.

Jacques Chirac, 86, president of France who opposed Iraq War, died Sept. 26.

Johnny Clegg, 66, South African singer who battled Apartheid with music, died July 16.

Tim Conway, 85, versatile comedian featured on "The Carol Burnett Show," died May 14.

Dick Dale, 81, king of surf-rock guitar, died March 16.

Baba Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), 88, LSD advocate and New Age guru, died Dec. 22.

Doris Day, 97, vocalist and movie star who charmed America, died May 13.

Pete Frates, 34, promoted Ice Bucket Challenge to fight Lou Gehrig's disease, died Dec. 9.

Valerie Harper, 80, actress won Emmys for “Rhoda,” died Aug. 30.

John Havlicek, 79, Boston Celtics basketball Hall of Famer, died April 25.

Jerry Herman, 88, composer of "Hello, Dolly" and other hit Broadway show tunes, died Dec. 26.

Lee Iacocca, 94, automaker who led Ford and Chrysler, died July 2.

Don Imus, 79, controversial radio personality, died Dec. 27.

Junior Johnson, 88, moonshiner who became NASCAR Hall of Fame race car driver and owner, died Dec. 20.

Herb Kelleher, 87, whose Southwest Airlines reshaped the industry, died Jan. 3.

David Koch, 79, billionaire who funded right-wing movement, died Aug. 23.

Christopher Kraft, 95, NASA Mission Control’s founding father, died July 22.

Karl Lagerfeld, 85, prolific fashion designer who headed Chanel, died Feb. 19.

George Laurer, 94, IBM engineer who developed the bar code, died Dec. 5.

Michel Legrand, 86, pianist, arranger and composer of hundreds of pop hits and love anthems, died Jan. 26.

Anthony Mancinelli, 108, world’s oldest working barber, died Sept. 19.

W. S. Merwin, 91, poet laureate, died March 15.

Mohamed Morsi, 67, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, died June 17.

Toni Morrison, 88, novelist of the Black Experience, died Aug. 5.

Robert Mugabe, 95, Zimbabwe strongman who ruled for 37 years, died Sept. 6.

Don Newcombe, 92, first outstanding black pitcher in the major leagues, died Feb. 19.

Jessye Norman, 74, dramatic soprano who was a towering figure in opera, died Sept. 30.

Robert Norris, 90, rancher and original Marlboro Man who didn’t smoke, died Nov. 3.

Ric Ocasek, 75, co-founded the Cars, new wave rock visionary, died Sept. 15.

Mary Oliver, 83, prize-winning best-selling poet, died Jan. 17.

I. M. Pei, 102, modernist master architect, died May 16.

D. A. Pennebaker, 94, pioneer of cinema verite who invented the modern documentary, died Aug. 1.

H. Ross Perot, 89, billionaire who made two runs for president, died July 9.

Luke Perry, 52, “Beverly Hills 90210” heartthrob, died March 4.

T. Boone Pickens, 91, oil magnate and corporate raider, died Sept. 11.

Andre Previn, 89, prolific conductor and composer, died Feb. 28.

Hal Prince, 91, Tony Award-winning Broadway producer, died July 31.

Mac Rebennack, 77, popularized the New Orleans sound as Dr. John, died June 6.

Frank Robinson, 83, home run hitter who became baseball’s first black manager, died Feb. 7.

Felix G. Rohatyn, 91, financier who rescued New York City from bankruptcy in the 1970s, died Dec. 14.

John Simon, 94, caustic literary, theater and film critic, died Nov. 24.

Caroll Spinney, 85, played Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on “Sesame Street,” died Dec. 8.

Bart Starr, 85, quarterback who led the Green Bay Packers to greatness, died May 26.

John Paul Stevens, 99, associate U.S. Supreme Court justice for 35 years, died July 16.

Peter Tork, 77, bassist and court jester of the Monkees, died Feb. 21.

Gloria Vanderbilt, 95, built a fashion empire, died June 17.

Paul Volcker, 92, Federal Reserve chairman who fought inflation, died Dec. 8.

Gahan Wilson, 89, macabre cartoonist, died Nov. 21.

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