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Letter: Trump bashers want to return weak leaders

So much is written by Trump bashers I thought I’d share my perspective as a Trumpster.

First, let’s consider the bad. There is a lot of it. President Trump has certainly turned the executive branch of the nation into a circus. His people skills stink. His stating of facts and figures of a situation are often flat out wrong. Many say he lies, but I think it’s mostly that he simply does not have a firm grip of the facts.

He wants to change the nation’s direction but defends his position poorly and with gross error. He uses “many, many millions of dollars” to quantify any amount of money. That is a really bad trait for our president. Trumpsters know these character flaws but still defend Trump. Why? Because with the bad there is much really unusual good.

First, he is not a politician who places his political party’s interests above you. He says, “America First” and his actions prove it. Trumpsters are sick and tired of how lame our government has been. Other nations walk all over us and our leaders allowed it to happen. Trump challenges trade deficits because countries manipulate their currency, subsidize export businesses and ignore international laws.

Trump challenged NATO, our esteemed “allies,” who have done us wrong for decades. Trump wants to get us out of being the global police while our allies do little to help. Trump challenged the Paris Agreement where India and China, our top global business competitors, are labeled developing countries.

As is with most things in life there is good and bad. I think this whole Ukraine thing by Trump was very poor judgment, wrong, a definite no-no, but not of substance worthy for impeachment. Trumpsters know his faults and wish he’d just get his act together but stand behind him and his direction. Trump haters are completely obsessed with removing him. Apparently, they prefer a return to timid, no backbone leadership with no ruffling of feathers, as do all our politicians, allies and trade “partners.”

Richard Hoekstra


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