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Letter: Buffalo should demand Golden Snowball trophy

While a new snow season is upon us, I want to say something about last year’s snow season. With a snowfall total of 118.8 inches (as measured by the National Weather Service, at the Buffalo airport), Buffalo won some potential notoriety.

We were the snowiest city in Western New York-Upstate New York (a long-standing contest between five Western New York-Upstate cities), winning the New York State Golden Snowball award and, simultaneously, we were the snowiest city (over 100,000 population) in the country, winning the National Golden Snow Globe.

The Western New York-Upstate New York Golden Snowball award includes a trophy. With no word of the trophy, the Western New York Chapter of the American Meteorological Society tried in vain over the summer to obtain it for Buffalo. Apparently, Syracuse (the previous year’s winner) had no interest in giving it up and Buffalo’s administration had no interest in asking for it.

Yes, there are bigger issues out there, but this lack of effort to celebrate Buffalo’s “toughness” and to share this point of pride with its citizens is disappointing. I will leave you with this: imagine that the Buffalo Sabres became NHL champions and no one cared about presenting the winning team and city with the Stanley Cup!

Stephen Vermette

Jack Kanack

Charley Bowman

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