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Letter: Facts are not alternative, simply parsed to fit purpose

A fact is something that has been objectively verified, something having real, demonstrable existence.

This definition doesn’t seem hard to understand, yet in our political discourse, facts are denied on a daily basis. Ever since a presidential advisor introduced the phrase, “alternative facts” there have been two national conversations: reality and the president’s version of reality.

I am not the first one to observe this dangerous, discordant trend. Many Americans are aware that our political parties are at war over the truth.

Whether these starkly different views are expressed during impeachment hearings, in the president’s tweets, in the press, in testimony from long-time government employees, or in comments from elected leaders, there is a serious disconnect between the two.

Facts themselves are not up for debate; they exist regardless of attempts to twist or ignore them. However, when facts threaten the president and his party, they become a target.

The president has successfully promoted himself and his version of reality since his campaign. It doesn’t matter whether he’s denigrating the Steele dossier, denying Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, echoing conspiracy theories, or praising his conversation with Ukraine’s president, facts are irrelevant to him.

The worst part is that a lot of Americans are listening.

Kathleen Geib

East Aurora

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