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Letter: Lawbreakers frustrate motorized scooter rider

Regarding handicap parking, the Nov. 30 letter writer is so on point. The universal symbol for handicap is the person in the wheelchair. Universal.

Relegated to the confines of a motorized scooter, I am disgusted by what I routinely observe. Men and women, briskly entering and exiting their jacked-up one-ton pick-up trucks and SUVs is commonplace.

For me to gimp my way via my walker to the back of my van to off-load my scooter, I often have to navigate my van to an isolated part of a parking area to off-load my scooter because all of the handicap spaces are already taken. The off-load process requires my having starboard and port-side margins of my van accessible.

I am often cautioned that not all handicaps are visible. If it is that invisible, perhaps it doesn’t really exist to begin with. It is a figment of the imagination. Instead, take the long walk – to walk it off.

Lou Marconi


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