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Letter: America will be just fine, despite frantic Trump critics

Both local and national opinion-meisters continue to search for more catastrophic terminology to describe the current president and the threat he represents to our very existence.

Recent letters in this forum have claimed that, because of Donald Trump, our democracy “is much weaker than we thought,” “now stands on the brink of failure,” we have “the real possibility of losing the country,” we should pray for “the survival of our planet,” and, on Nov. 21, Trump and his Western New York Republican “henchmen” will “destroy this country.”

Overwrought phrases like constitutional crisis, a republic in peril, democracy dies in darkness and the always-reliable “existential threat” continue to pour forward.

All immediately conclude everything this president says or does is proof of impending cataclysmic doom for us all.

Unable to deal with the fact that their opinion of him was rejected by the voter, opponents have decided to up the rhetorical ante to ridiculous levels and predict an around-the-corner national implosion.

America has endured revolutionary, civil and world war. It has survived the depression and the dustbowl, natural disasters and Nehru jackets, economic recessions and endless episodes of the Real Housewives.

It can handle a four oreight-year experiment with a crass businessman as president. America will make a rational decision in the next election if it will return to a more conventional politician-centered presidential style or stay with this unconventional type. Life, and the country, will go on either way.

Young parents quickly learn that the way to settle a distraught baby is stick a pacifier in his mouth. If one is not handy, Trump opponents should do the next best thing and simply suck their collective thumb. It will stop the hysterical outbursts predicting the imminent destruction of our strong, resilient nation.

And just like the baby, they will calm down and feel better.

Gary Brignone


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