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Letter: Qualified no-bail bill tilts toward criminals

I am a retired law enforcement officer. I think that the new no bail legislation for many felonies and misdemeanors was passed without enough input from law enforcement.

There is a case for limited no bail, but this bill went too far. Criminals with dozens of arrests will get arrested and released with no bail.

There seems to be little deterrent with this no bail legislation. The vast majorities of people arrested are found or plead guilty. At present, the time spent in jail is counted towards their sentence.

Under the new no bail law, the Erie County jail count will go down, but the time spent in the Erie County Correctional Facility and state correctional facilities will rise.

There needs to be more consideration for the victims of crime than for those who commit them. If you don’t like jail, don’t commit crimes.

Charles Krathaus, Jr.


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