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Letter: Trump supporters already consider the ‘big picture’

In response to the Nov. 24 “Trump supporters must consider the big picture” letter, just what does the writer think we’ve been doing?

Apparently, we support “inaction” on gun legislation. Maybe that “inaction” is because we want legislation that actually considers the rights of law-abiding Americans, rather than hastily cobbling legislation in response to the latest “emotionally-charged” violent event (SAFE Act, for example).

About “health care for all,” does that writer want us to live under a totalitarian-style régime? If the government can “provide” you with something now, they can turn around and arbitrarily yank it from you later.

President Trump promised to take America out of deals that aren’t in our best interests; his decision to take us out of the Paris Climate Accords is in keeping with his campaign promises. Why should we surrender our ability to build and develop while other countries (like China, for example) produce more pollution? The Paris Accords is just another money-grab.

And lastly: my own father is an immigrant, but he came legally and followed the procedures in place; why aren’t we demanding that today’s crop of potential immigrants follow that same standard? Could it be due the modern “progressive” ideal of making things “easier” and “more convenient” to accomplish?

Where I sit, if other countries have a problem with how we handle our own affairs, then that’s their problem – not ours. We chose Donald Trump (as opposed to Bill Clinton’s wife) to be president because he stood for putting America, Americans, American interests, American liberty, and American sovereignty… first. If anyone has a problem with that, tough luck for them.

Signed: a proud, politically-incorrect, deplorable.

Lloyd Marshall


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