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Letter: Trump backers stand firm, no matter what transpires

As I listened to President Trump lie his way through the 7 o’clock news recently, I thought to myself, “How could this be called, ‘news?’” This has been going on every night for nearly four years. Even on Sundays, right after we finish up with our daylong injection of sports.

I am convinced that if the president shot someone on Fifth Avenue, he would lose no more than a tiny droplet of the faithful, a mere bag of shells, and they would mostly be members of the victim’s family.

What I am wondering at this stage of the game is, if Donald Trump ever says that he hardly even knew Rudy Giuliani. Barely knew him. A casual acquaintance at best. A photo-op with the wide-eyed mayor of a major city on the Eastern Seaboard … and he still holds the line? Then I’ve got to say, “Excuse me, Jesus? I don’t mean to bother you, but we got a situation going on down here that you need to take a look at, a long, hard look at.”

Joe Sullivan


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