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Letter: Handicapped parking permit abuse is unfair, disappointing

This is a response to the recent letter about the abuse of handicapped permits. Thank you for trying to right a wrongful person. That judgment will come to her later but not from us.

I have been pushing a young man in a wheelchair for more than 40 years. We continue to shake our heads. Years ago in my younger days I would confront people. Sometimes it was unpleasant and I realized I was putting myself in danger. My husband would beg me to be quiet when we saw the big burly guys get out of their expensive cars flashing handicapped stickers at sporting events.

I never use my sticker when my child is not with me. Sometimes when it is possible we will park in a regular spot. If I let this annoyance rule my life, it would devastate me. I can’t give that to those who are ignorant. God bless the letter writer and all the like folks who know right from wrong.

Carol Preisler

North Tonawanda

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