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Letter: Do not compare licenses with historical genocide

Recently, in Everybody’s Column, I read a letter to the editor comparing the refusal of Mickey Kearns following the Green Light law to those that disobeyed Nazi orders during the Holocaust.

It is appalling to me that anyone would compare something as trivial as driver’s licenses to the Holocaust, where millions of people were murdered. Coupled with the shootings at mosques and synagogues in recent years, this comparison seems incredibly insensitive to those that have lost their lives due to hatred.

Our country allows for people to express their displeasure or support for laws, and controversial laws and policies should be discussed and debated. However, comparing matters such as the Green Light law to genocide does little to facilitate meaningful conversation. The Holocaust, along with the unfortunately, many other instances of genocide should be held in our memory to prevent it from happening again, but not to talk about how to restrict driver’s licenses.

Sarah Burger


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