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Letter: Buffalo Schools’ overpayment shows why kids need charters

Charter schools provide dissatisfied families with an alternative to the dysfunctional Buffalo public school system that does not provide a quality education. Buffalo schools overpaid charter schools $1 million during the 2018 school year and the problem could go back to 2007.

The overpayments were used to provide services to children with disabilities. Buffalo School Chief Financial Officer Geoffrey F. Pritchard stated, “We will reach out to the charter schools and use whatever means we can to try and collect prior overpayments.”

Now 10 years later, irresponsible, mistake prone, overpaid school officials want to penalize charter schools and children with disabilities for an error they are responsible for by not providing the correct formula in the billing template which they were responsible to do.

Pritchard will figure out how much money was overpaid. Then a decision will be made as to how aggressive they will be to recover the money and whether their action would hold up if challenged in court. It’s evident that every level of the Buffalo public school system is either incompetent or they just don’t care.

Charter schools and school choice are needed now more than ever in Buffalo for our children.

Joe Cyran


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