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No-huddle good times roll for a third consecutive week for Josh Allen

Let the no-huddle good times roll.

The Bills have gone all-in on their 11 personnel, three-wide receiver grouping, with no huddling and varying degrees of tempo over the past three games.

The results continue to impress in the wake of Thursday’s 26-15 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

The Bills are averaging 401 yards on offense the past three games. They had averaged 297 yards a game the previous six games.

Josh Allen has completed 67% of his passes the past three games for an average of 224 yards passing, with six touchdown passes and one interception and a rating of 111.4. Allen also has rushed 26 times for 155 yards and two TDs the past three games.

“Josh a had a heck of a game,” coach Sean McDermott said Thursday. “That fourth-down conversion, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before, just a phenomenal competitive play. He was smart with the football. We drove the ball, and it was a good blend of run and pass.”

The attack has impressive continuity and rhythm. The Bills have had just three three-and-out drives the past two weeks, and two of those were time-killing possessions later in the games with a big lead.

The no-huddle attack has kept the defense from situational substitutions and simplified some of Allen’s pre-snap reads when he has run it faster. It also has allowed the Bills to take advantage of positive matchups against opposing cornerbacks the past three games.

The Bills are converting 43% on third downs the past three games. That’s up from 34% the previous six games.

Allen was 7 of 9 for 99 yards on third downs in Dallas. His passer rating on third downs over the past three games is 120.3. For the season, Allen’s third-down passer rating is up to 99.3, ninth best in the NFL.

After halftime, the Bills had drives of eight plays to a field goal, seven to a touchdown and 13 to another field goal.

“I think early on they had a really good game plan, doing some different things we didn’t maybe expect,” Allen said in his postgame news conference. “We found a way to game plan and adjust during the game. Especially when you have a short week, things are going to happen like that. They’re going to come out and kind of show you something different. We kind of weathered that storm early on. Our defense did a really good job of getting the ball back to us and giving us good field position. Our guys executed.”

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll ran 11 personnel (one back, one tight end, three wideouts) on 51 of the first 55 plays in Dallas. The first nine games, the Bills ran 11 personnel 62.5%, according to Buffalo News charts. That's just more than the NFL average of 60% this year, according to Sharp Football. The past three games, the Bills have run that group 84.2%.

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