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Letter: History will judge voters on the upcoming election

Donald Trump frequently sounds the alarm about “fake news” which he usually decides is anything he disagrees with, authored by “never Trumpers.” It’s ironic he has decided to promote his own version.

Virtually every U.S. intelligence agency has confirmed that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to aid the Trump campaign. In his latest narrative, Russian involvement is a hoax and the Ukraine is the culprit seeking to assist the Clinton campaign.

His Republican cronies on the House Intelligence committee have also bought into a version of these events during the recent House impeachment hearings.

On Nov. 22 of this year, U.S. intelligence officials briefed the U.S. Senate that the Ukraine theory was part of a misinformation campaign initiated by Russian intelligence operatives, approved by Vladimir Putin, as early as 2017.

Despite these warnings, two Republican Senators (Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley) have requested the U.S. Archives forward transcripts of any conversations between the previous Obama administration and Ukraine, to try to determine if they, somehow, collaborated to undermine the Trump campaign prior to the 2016 election.

In a saner time, both parties would have worked in unison to try to prevent further foreign interference and issued consequences if interference were to reoccur. Instead, the emphasis seems to be not how to prevent foreign interference, but how do we seek political capital from it.

On election day, we have the choice to vote for the country’s best interest, or our party’s.

History will judge us harshly if we make the wrong decision.

Paul Bojanowski


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