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Letter: Critics of Syria withdrawal do not consider our troops

Since it is fashionable to criticize President Trump’s decisions it’s not surprising to see perfusion of complaints about the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria.

It is true Kurds were refreshingly reliable allies in the fight against ISIS.

It should be noted the Kurds were fighting to protect their homeland. Since ISIS was defeated our reason for continued participation is less clear.

The fact the situation so drastically deteriorated for the Kurds after our withdrawal shows a vacuum in which past experience indicates cautionary commitment; lest it becomes another American war instead of their war, as in Vietnam.

This is a region whose warring factions have persisted since antiquity. The Kurds are better-served understanding they must rely on themselves as we should emulate.

World War II has long been over and our fiscal and manufacturing status has drastically changed. There is no longer a rationale to arbitrarily consider ourselves the world’s policeman.

It is interesting those who expressed sympathy for the Kurds, thought little of what continuing exposure to combat means for our own troopers.

It’s easy to expound willingness to make war for others provided Halliburton, Blackwater, foreign nationals and women are substituted for the dutiful service of these vocal dreadnoughts.

Without the draft, Michael Moore was pretty much the lone protester for our dubious and counterproductive Iraq invasion, as well.

It appears the absence of the draft is an important missing link in the function of our democratic republic.

The draft supplies troopers for national defense but also motivates active protest against unjust and unwarranted wars.

It makes us a more peaceful nation.

It also provides an opportunity for Americans to become acquainted, teaches reliance upon each other and usable skills while earning important benefits and functioning responsibly as United States citizens.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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