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Soda? It's 'the pop!' Buffalo native wins big on 'The Price Is Right'

The display on "The Price Is Right" game was labeled "soda."

The Buffalo native who was a contestant on the show had a familiar term for it, of course.

"The pop!"

A contestant who we only know as "Robert" not only created a potentially viral Buffalo moment but went on to win the Showcase Showdown on Tuesday's episode of "The Price Is Right."

We know this thanks to Twitter's @BUFFALO_LOSS, who posted this very #Buffalo video clip from the show.

Robert told host Drew Carey on the show that he was a Buffalo native who now lives in Henderson, Nevada, according to @BUFFALO_LOSS, a 31-year-old man from Williamsville who does a podcast and who preferred to go by his Twitter handle for this story.

Playing the "Grand Game," Robert selected a Dr. Pepper 12-pack, which was labeled "soda" on the display.

"The pop!" he proclaimed.

Carey got a kick out of Robert's regional name for what most of the country calls soda.

"Pop! I can tell you're from Buffalo," Carey said, before mentioning that people call soda in his native Cleveland.

"As soon as he said 'pop' I started laughing," said @BUFFALO_LOSS.

There was at least one other social media reaction to soda being declared "pop" on one of America's most successful game shows.

According to The Price Is Right website, the show was taped on Sept. 30. It is episode No. 41 in the 48th season of the show. At this writing the episode is not available for viewing on the show's page at  (UPDATE: The show is available as of Wednesday morning).

Despite losing the Grand Game, Robert went on to win a spot in the Showcase Showdown, where he bested Alyssa from Toledo, Ohio.

Alyssa passed on the first showcase, which included a motorcycle and a boat.

Alyssa was then left with a package that included a car. Her guess of $22,900 was too low by $4,453.

It was then revealed that Robert's guesstimate of $28,269 was very close to the actual retail value of $28,683 for the motorcycle/boat package, giving him the win and sending him on to the stage to celebrate with "The Price Is Right" models.

Robert was $414 off of the actual price; if he was within $250, he would have won both showcases.

Carey said Robert won a total of $31,088 on the show. "Not bad," Carey said.

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