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Letter: Trump supporters must consider the big picture

There is a segment of Americans that support Donald Trump because they like the fact that he shuns political correctness and is from outside the political establishment. Their support appears unwavering.

In supporting Trump, they are also supporting inaction on gun control legislation. Maybe none of these supporters have experienced gun violence. Maybe they are OK with children practicing lockdowns and fearful of going to school.

They are also supporting curtailment of initiatives to provide health care for all Americans. Do Trump supporters already have secure jobs that provide affordable health care?

By supporting Trump you are supporting America’s exit from the Paris Climate Accord and thwarting efforts to restrain global warming. Do Trump supporters disagree with the majority of scientists who believe that humans are the cause of global warming? Do they not see that it’s happening all around us and no one will be spared the wrath of global warming?

Every American (except for American Indians) is here because they or their descendents arrived as immigrants. Many immigrants arrived poor with no skills but quickly assimilated and became contributing members of society. Trump is cutting back on the number of legal immigrants allowed, making the immigration process more difficult and costly, and trying to restrict immigration to the wealthy, despite the fact that higher levels of immigration are associated with greater economic growth and innovation. Immigrants are also less likely to commit crimes than native born Americans. Is this OK with Trump supporters?

There is no doubt the United States is losing support and credibility among our allies around the world because of Trump. Are Trump supporters aware of how this weakens us, makes us more vulnerable? Is being non-politically correct and outside the political establishment make someone a great leader and is it the most important factor in choosing a president?

Rosanne Steinmetz

Orchard Park

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