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Letter: Democrats bring more to Western New York table

I was aghast at Bob McCarthy’s column in the Nov. 10 Buffalo News. I have been in this area for over 50 years and the Republican and Conservative Party have done very little for Western New York. Remember the Joel Giambra and Chris Collins era in the County Executive position? Remember the great leadership of Gov. George Pataki? The people of this area, especially the senior citizens, should get down on their knees and thank goodness that we have had some good Democratic leadership in this area and New York State as a whole.

It is bad enough that we have Donald Trump in Washington, do we want his henchmen and henchwomen here? You may not like some of the Democratic leaders, but they have brought more to the Western Region than their rivals. I am tired of political commentators giving a voice to immoral and unethical people and parties. Once the immoral people destroy this country, as they are doing now, there will be hell to pay. As in the past, tumbleweeds will blow through the avenues of Buffalo.

Joseph Yonder


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