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Letter: The Skyway represents a special experience

As a child, I enjoyed, and took for granted, the Crystal Beach boat trip to the park in Canada. The ride on the Comet was gleeful. No more.

I am a 78-year-old grandmother. Since it was built I have loved the Skyway. The view on the way out of the city is breathtaking, and the view on the inbound is marvelous. It is a heavenly aerial ride each way.

For almost 40 years, the Skyway provided my husband safe passage to work and from each day. There were car rides with my small granddaughters as passengers. As we passed the Gold Medal logo building I would tell them, “you’re at the top of the Skyway. You can scream to your hearts’ delight now.” And they did.

Now they want to take it down. They want to deny my grandchildren and great-grandchildren an exclusive, special journey and experience.

Sheila Flaherty


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