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Letter: College basketball ranks ahead of greed-filled NBA

The News does a great job covering college and high school basketball for Western New York fans. The resurgent success of St. Bonaventure’s men and UB’s men and women in particular has been exciting and uplifting for our community.

In response to a recent letter writer who suggests this is an opportune time for Buffalo to bring back the NBA, please no.

Of all the overinflated egos in professional sports, the NBA’s are the worst. The players have no loyalty to the cities or fans. The NBA offseason is all about free agency and teams having to rebuild their roster. It feels like the elite players know they are gifted athletes and act as if they are gods.

The NBA is characterized by Carmelo Anthony refusing to practice and now with his fifth team, Jimmy Butler, with his fourth team after one year in Philly, screaming during practice at the Minnesota team owner “you can’t win without me,” and LeBron James’s “I’ve decided to take my talents to” Miami, Cleveland, L.A., wherever.

The good people of Canada embraced Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors, and after one season he deserts them.

We have UB’s wonderful Felicia Leggett-Jack hugging her players in the NCAA tourney or St. Bona upsetting UCLA and UB’s men outplaying Bobby Hurley’s Arizona State. The Buffalo community is too loyal and vulnerable to be subjected to the narcissistic, juvenile NBA.

David Casassa


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