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Editorial: It seems to us – That darned IJC, amazing bravery, an odd comeback and straitjacket, please

It was a calamitous storm that struck parts of Western New York last week, especially for those who live near the Lake Erie shoreline. With water levels about 30 inches higher than normal, the wind and rain that struck the area on Halloween caused severe damage, prompting Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to declare a state of emergency.

It was an appropriate decision, but the governor should also sue. Consider: Because of high water levels in Lake Ontario – which is fed by high waters from Lake Erie and the other three Great Lakes – Cuomo plans to sue the International Joint Commission that regulates that water levels in Lake Ontario.

But if flooding there is the fault of regulators, rather than biblical amounts of rain that have swollen all the lakes, then surely the same is true of Lake Erie. All he has to do is prove that, because of bad management, Lake Ontario is so full that its waters are backing up into Lake Erie. There is the minor matter of the falls, but logic isn’t the issue here.


And speaking of Niagara Falls, here’s to the bravery of rescuers who saved a poor soul from certain death by pulling him out of the river just 75 yards upstream from the American Falls. They train for this and are equipped for it, but it’s dangerous work as they put their own lives at risk to rescue a stranger. Bravo.


It’ll be interesting to see how they enforce this bit of silliness. Comedian Louis C.K., largely out of action since acknowledging sexual improprieties two years ago, is beginning a comeback with an unusual list of requirements: “Recording of any kind, including note taking,” is forbidden, the rules say. And no part of Louis C.K.’s “materials” — including his jokes and sketches — are allowed to be “copied, translated, transmitted, displayed, distributed or reproduced verbatim,” in any form. Violate the rules and there could be legal repercussions, they threaten.

Great way to begin a comeback.


CBS News reports that a woman who – get this – climbed into a lion enclosure at the Bronx Zoo in September and taunted one of the animals has been arrested.

She should probably be committed.

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