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Letter: Market forces will bring climate change solutions

Recently The Buffalo News has been filled with articles on climate change and as a reader of this newspaper I have been barraged with five, six, seven or more articles in one day that scream about the potential impacts of climate change.

I’m not a climate change denier. That the climate of the Earth has changed repeatedly over the history of the Earth, that I cannot deny. Right around us you can see clear evidence that as recently as 10,000 years ago a mile-high pile of glacial ice sat atop Western New York.

Climate change on the Earth has always occurred and will always occur – with or without human beings. The real issue is how much change will occur over what timeframe and how we deal with it.

Computer modeling of climate change is just that and modeling is highly influenced by the programmer’s assumptions and biases. Almost never do computer models of any future state align with what really happens (just look at the accuracy of current three-day weather forecasts, for example). I believe no matter how slow or fast these changes take place we don’t need enormous, unrealistic big government programs that destroy our economy to address this issue (Elizabeth Warren’s $3 trillion proposed program) as most government programs are poorly managed, filled with waste and generally way behind the curve technologically as they are politically and top-down driven – not market driven.

Human beings are extremely intelligent and we have a great track record of efficiently and cost effectively solving our challenges without onerous government control and direction. Humans live all over this planet in extreme environments like the Arctic and the Equator because we are the only creature on this planet able to come up with solutions to make our environment comfortable and inhabitable. Screaming at people and crushing them with taxes will not solve climate change. Intelligent people designing products and services directed by market forces and operating under less – not more – government control can and will successfully address this challenge.

Tim Boser


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