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Letter: Fighting foreign wars proves futile for U.S.

I’m not a military guru or geopolitical guru, but to my way of thinking American lives lost with the idea we were going to solve the world’s political problems with military contingents in many nations is a dream.

History proves nations solve things their own way, whether by civil war or electing political leaders. Our nation is a perfect example. Vietnam, like it or not, is another example.

I guess what bothers me is the young men and women who lose limbs and go into depression. Over what? If we do need to save nations it must be their population who does the dirty work. To send young soldiers into a different culture and language not knowing who is the bad or good guy is too much.

Leaders of foreign nations will be chosen eventually by their own people. Maybe in different nations a George Washington will rise. We as Americans must worry about our own society. If our society is stable the world will realize what freedom is all about.

Pat Delaney


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