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Editorial: It seems to us – Prudishness in Cattaraugus, excitability over chicken guy and watch that ax, please

There must not be much to worry about in Cattaraugus County – either that or some officials don’t want voters thinking about anything more pressing than the propriety of the county seal.

How else to explain the aggravated silliness over the state of dress of two women depicted on the seal? One is topless, the other nearly so, and have been in that condition for decades.

But now, only days before county elections, the bluenoses are aghast. A few residents and some officials (“just plain disgusting, amateurish at least,” said Legislature Vice Chairman Dan Hale, R-Portville) can no longer bear the humiliation.

But then, maybe Erie County residents have no business criticizing. For decades, the replica of Michelangelo’s David in Delaware Park was too much for too many. To spare those about to swoon, a fig leaf was strategically affixed. But calmer heads prevailed in the 1990s and the fig leaf came off. David now stands unencumbered and in all his glory.

Note to Cattaraugus officials: No one here has fainted.


And speaking of overreactions: What’s up with people complaining about the chicken guy? You know who we mean – the man who dresses up in a chicken suit to help sell used jewelry to people driving by. (Ah, Buffalo).

To our knowledge, Chicken Man has caused no accidents, though some people are complaining that he’s a distraction, which he surely can be. But is he any more a distraction than video billboards or turkeys on the side of the road?

Or David in Delaware Park?

Just watch the road and chill.


It’s the new fad, showing up in a number of venues, including the “Billevard” outside New Era Field: Ax-throwing.

Rochester-based Adventures in Climbing brings its fenced-in trailer to the area off Abbott Road, where fans can come in one at a time to see if they can hit targets placed 12 feet away. Results are mixed: Some hit the bullseye while others miss the target altogether.

They should all stay away from David in Delaware Park.

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