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Letter: Welcome immigrants to help fill available jobs

The headline in the Business section shouted “Help Wanted: Too many jobs, too few workers in most states.” Sounds like a wonderful economic situation, except that it’s not if so many jobs are going unfilled. Some states have job opening rates as high as 5.7%. Nationally, there are 7.1 million jobs going begging.

The reasons are known and include not enough Americans desiring lower-paying blue collar and unskilled labor jobs; discrimination against hiring former felons; effects of natural disasters; baby boomers retiring in droves; and lowered acceptance of immigrants and refugees. Immigration rates under the Trump presidency have been cut to about one-third the rate under Barack Obama.

Headline the next day reads: “Immigrants Trump denounces help revive cities he scorns.” While not mentioning it specifically, the article could well have included Buffalo.

A major solution is evident: we need more immigrants!

Michael Silverman


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