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Letter: Trump is leading America down its own lonely road

President Trump has the United States in total isolation mode. It will lead this country and the world to disaster.

Trump has walked away from allies, international agreements, engaged in costly trade wars that are causing cracks in the economy. The United States has become a nation not to be trusted.

That it’s not a nation you can count on to keep its word.

There is the impeachment inquiry against the president after he pressured Ukraine to investigate a likely opponent in the 2020 election. I believe this will amount to nothing.

There have been impeachment proceedings of past presidents but in the end, the United States never had the gumption or the guts to take it the distance and actually remove a president from office.

Despite all this baggage Trump carries, I expect he will easily win re-election next year. The American people just don’t care about his actions. That’s the sad truth about America.

And people want to know why Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are more emboldened than ever. These nations aren’t stupid. They are simply taking advantage of an America that’s become more dysfunctional and corrupt than ever. And it seems apparent the American people are OK with this.

Too enabling, indifferent, too oblivious so Trump can get away with more damage to everything he touches.

There will be a day when the United States will need allies. But what nation would bother?

Marcus Costello


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