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Letter: Let’s examine motivations for removing the Skyway

Brian Higgins made this statement to The Buffalo News in a Oct. 8 article in spite of the “contest” commissioned by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. I, and probably many others, believe this “contest” was a farce, a way for the governor to get his way regarding the Skyway.

The one thing that usually prevails is that the “owner” of something gets to determine what is done with that something. The “owner” of the Skyway are the taxpayers of the state of New York.

If Cuomo can spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on a contest and millions more on an EIS (environmental impact study) let him spend the money to put the Skyway question up for a vote by its owners. Another thing to think about is: how deep are Cuomo and Higgins in the pockets of these developers?

Ron Beltz


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