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Letter: Abandonment of  Kurds is another deadly insult

Viewing our president at his daily self-promotion, attempting to justify language and our security that none before him would ever have considered, my wife and I, for the umpteenth time, exclaimed “unbelievable.” We felt the horror, that our Kurdish allies who fought shoulder to shoulder with our fighting men and women against ISIS, will be slaughtered by the Turkish military after one phone call to President Trump by their dictator asking the removal of our troops.

As a somewhat student of history, reading of man’s inhumanity to man, and millions murdered through ethnic cleansing or war, I had, often, wondered whether an “Almighty” ever existed. If so, where was he or she? People, apparently, hoped and prayed but to no avail. In my own lifetime, beginning in the mid-30s, the Holocaust killed six million of my fellow Jews. Later, more genocides in Bosnia 100,000, Rwanda 800,000, Darfur more thousands, Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge murdered 1.7 million, not to mention the millions lost in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria’s untold thousands, etc. Were all these in God’s plan?

So I, no longer, believe in a higher power, unless He or She is blind and deaf to eternal suffering. I’m happy for the billions of good souls who find solace in prayer, but believe that if our world, indeed our country and precious democracy is to survive, it will be ours alone to change and improve. We might begin by demanding better education, appreciating good science and medicine and concern for the least among us. With that blessed event, we just might receive the kind of political leadership we’ll deserve and, today, crave.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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