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Letter: We must stop destroying ecological land masses

Shame on us! Rainforests have been here for several million years, once covering 14% of the earth, now only 6%. At the current rate of planned destruction, rainforests are projected to be gone in approximately 100 years, if the rate increases, then less than 50.

Once gone, it will be impossible to stop global warming and the end results are too graphic to describe. Why are nations deliberately destroying these ecologically important land masses? The reasons given are logging, mining, cattle ranching, agriculture and eventually dam building.

All human oriented due to overpopulation and the lust for money. What the perpetrators don’t realize is that 50% of all plant and animal life live in these magnificent creations and daily they are being tragically eliminated.

They surely don’t understand that medicines that help to combat all types of human illnesses including cancer are derived from plants grown only in the rain forests. And they most assuredly don’t realize that they regulate world temperatures and weather patterns. Lastly, it’s obvious that they have no idea that by photosynthesizing the CO2 they absorb, they produce large quantities of oxygen.

If all this is not enough reason to cease and desist their wanton deforestation, they might consider the fact that of the 300 or so tribes that call the Amazon rainforest home are being decimated by diseases generated by contact with the outside world and loss of their food supply. Without their protective environment to sustain them, they like the plants and animals, will all perish. Additionally, people are suffering from the thick clouds of acrid smoke that is created by the burning trees, some of which are elderly and will most probably die. All will be listed as collateral damage in the name of “progress.” How sick can we get?

Scott Patterson


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