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Bringing art to the public: By barge, truck and blimp?

Anyone who saw the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's new art truck had to think: Boy, this sure looks like a food truck.

Does this mean curators loaded it up with pieces of art from the museum's collection that anyone – with a few spare millions of dollars – can walk up and purchase?

We imagined a menu on a whiteboard featuring Picasso, Matisse, Pollack and the special of the day, Warhol.

(We're not the only ones inspired by the gallery's art-on-wheels concept: Buffalo's own @HeyRaChaCha on Twitter observed, "The Cubist burritos are yummy.")

A gallery spokesman brought us back to earth: The truck simply will deliver art-making material to schools, community centers and other venues.

Still, this got us thinking about an unorthodox Burchfield Penney Art Center project from about five years ago. Remember the art barge?

The Burchfield Penney envisioned a large model of an Erie Canal barge retrofitted to serve as a maritime art gallery traveling from Buffalo to New York City as part of a multiyear project. The model was built, but the idea, once floated, never got off the ground.

That's right: It was dead in the water.

So what's next in this trend of multimodal art transportation? We can't wait to see the Castellani Art Museum's art blimp.

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