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Letter: Last election results paint different picture

As I sit here in beautiful old East Hamburg, later named Orchard Park, with access to fact and figure checking on the internet, I’m reading in the only Sunday paper, Robert McCarthy’s column on what Republican will be chosen to run in the 27th congressional district. McCarthy refers to the district as “deep red.” I have seen this description several times, and my opinion is that this description is misleading.

The results of the last election Nov. 6, 2018 in district 27 were: Chris Collins 140,146 votes, or 49.1% and Nate McMurray 139,059. votes, or 48.8%.

I understand that there are more “reds” than “blues” registered in this specially designed area. In my opinion the actual results tell a different story: even here, things change.

Denise O’Meara


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