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Letter: Consider remaking Skyway into light rail connection

Kudos for Sean Kirst’s thoughts on the Skyway! The Skyway is needed now and in the future. It could be adapted to light rail, connected much of southern Erie County to connect to the Buffalo subway system, and points beyond.

Many years ago, we had a mayor who had a vision of the future; such leaders are rare. His name is lost in the mist of time, or at least in my fading memory bank. At a time when cities across America were duped into believing that light rail and streetcars were a thing of the past this forgotten leader (Google it!) said “It’s foolish to tear the rails up we will just pave over them so we know where they are when we need them again!”

Much of the rail system is still there, waiting to be used now, when they are needed. The Skyway should be used for light rail. Incrementally build a light rail system connecting Buffalo to Rochester and linking Niagara Falls, the airport in Buffalo, Rochester and beyond.

Light rail once connected thousands of towns and villages across America. Time to reconnect our past with our future. In a way, “the past is the future.”

Global warming, greenbelts, and tourism are all served by keeping the Skyway, linking it to the “subway,” and gradually expanding to points beyond.

Certainly, an organized think-tank (not a costly “impact study”) could come up with a trove of ideas far surpassing mine.

Bert Hoak


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