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Letters: County executive race should be based on issues

The Oct. 4 letter “Emphasis on Skyway ignores the real story” in support of using the Skyway for our Metro Rail is spot on. Metro Rail use and expansion should be a priority for Erie County.

One fact which everyone seems to overlook: imagine if the Skyway wasn’t there and Erie County had to buy the property rights to lay down tracks to connect to the Southtowns?

We all know that the cost would doom any expansion – so why are we overlooking the perfect win-win solution for both the Skyway and Metro Rail?

Why isn’t this a prime issue for the Erie County executive race?

And while we’re at it, with the election coming up, I’ll throw out four topics which are missing from both campaigns and you judge whether your reaction is positive or negative:

Erie County Water Authority.

Erie County Holding Center.

Erie County roads.

Erie County taxes.

Seems like neither candidate is up to the task of addressing real problems in Erie County.

Phil Parshall


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