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Letter: Trump’s actions on Ukraine show cause for impeachment

The president stood in the driveway of the White House and announced to the world that not only should Ukraine investigate his leading political rival, but maybe China should as well.

You have to really twist yourself into a pretzel to not see this for what it is. But if you’re a contortionist and a Trump supporter, then hopefully you’ve at least asked yourself the following: Am I OK with the occupant of the White House, no matter who that person is, using the power of the presidency to do what the president readily admits to having done with the leader of Ukraine.

What did he do? It’s in the call summary, which is only a few pages and was released by his own White House. Most reasonable people would see the language he used in that late July call as at least an implicit quid pro quo – tying Ukraine aid to them investigating his leading rival for 2020.

But there’s more – he used our national security for his own gain. In what way did he do that? Hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid had been authorized by Congress to support Ukraine’s battle against Russian aggression.

We therefore have a vital strategic interest in assisting Ukraine – yet he connected that aid to investigating the Bidens, and the aid was inexplicably placed on hold at around that time, with no explanations given to Congress.

Even absent a quid pro quo, which ventures into legal waters, he arguably is abusing the power of the presidency to investigate his rivals. Let’s recall that it didn’t work out too well for the last president that traveled that road.

The call summary and the whistleblower complaint, absent no other information, would seem to be enough to merit strong consideration of impeachment.

This man is selling out his country for his own political gain, and doesn’t seem to grasp why it’s wrong – hence his continued, repugnant invitations to countries around the world to meddle in our electoral process. As the next couple of months unfold, every American should read those two documents, if nothing else.

David Kraus


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