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Letter: NFTA’s rapid transit plan is a waste of federal funds

Information on the plans for Niagara Falls Boulevard by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority are now being discussed. The NFTA will be seeking funding from the federal government.

The rapid transit will be underground following Kenmore Avenue, and will turn onto Niagara Falls Boulevard and surface North of Kenilworth.

Planners want to develop the area just like the development going in Toronto. We are not Toronto but a small town suburb. What happens to our schools, fire departments, police departments and other establishments in our town?

All this is to happen to bring the rapid transit to the North Campus when they already have buses to take students that need to go to the South Campus of the university. Take a good look on what happened to Buffalo after the rapid transit was built. One step forward and two steps back.

The federal government needs to worry about the programs that are losing money like Social Security, Medicare, welfare assistance and the Postal Service not giving money to fund the NFTA. They take from Peter to pay Paul, while lining the pockets of the politicians.

How much more do the American people have to endure? This is not progress, it is regress.

Jane Henry

Town of Tonawanda

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