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Letter: McMurray has earned the 27th district seat

Chris Collins proclaimed his innocence for 14 months to his constituents and the FBI knowing full well he was lying. He continued to run for re-election as if he was above the law.

We do not need this type of individual representing us in New York State or the United States for that matter. He should have come forward, taken responsibility and own up to his actions immediately.

Instead he chose not to do that and only admit to the truth allegedly in an effort to protect his son.

Collins insisted on being a congressman even though he was kept from congressional committees due to his arrest. While blaming his arrest on “fake news,” he continued to lie and most likely would still be lying if the prosecutor’s decision to divide the trial separately was not revealed.

More must be done to hold these people accountable along with and especially Donald Trump. The people see through blaming negative information as “fake news,” which really is code for their inadequacies and lies.

Nate McMurray should be offered this seat, which he deserves. Kathy Hochul and others responsible should see to it that this happens.

Theresa Barnack


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