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Letter: Stop worrying about Skyway and fix streets, plug potholes

So, you have a car with 150,000 miles on it. It has seen its better days, rust, some oil drips, etc. So every once in awhile you get a thought to buy or lease another vehicle.

You are getting closer to making a decision but you take your old car in and have new shocks put on it, buy new tires, new battery and spend $1,000 on it.

Two weeks later you start visiting dealerships.

This city which I love is the most ridiculously run city through many mayors and elected officials over the years. The planning and the things that have kept us back at least 20 years from other cities, it’s mind boggling.

Just now it seems we are doing better, but if you’re talking about tearing down the Skyway, that discussion alone tells you to hold back working on it and spending millions.

No matter what the “experts” say or officials, you don’t need studies and other red tape junk to keep this going. Do I need to tell you that the Skyway has been talked about for years?

We are wasting time and money and the people here are buying into this. Stall tactic, indecisive people in charge, as usual we are wasting money while we drive on terrible streets that need paving but no money to do it.

South Buffalo has flooding issues every winter but no money to work on it or buy equipment but there is money to work on the Skyway.

The best is when a street or road gets a new pave job on it and it looks smooth and beautiful and the next week a utility crew is digging a hole in it and it’s never the same.

Big joke here on how we do business in Buffalo.

Joe Zedick


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