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Letter: Make Sunday football better for TV viewers

Football on Sunday has become more popular than attending church. A Harvard University study found that the average NFL game lasts 3 hours 12 minutes and the average play lasts four seconds. The time the ball is in play during a 60-minute game amounts to 10 minutes and 45 seconds, the ratio of inaction to action is approximately 10 to 1.

The average broadcast devotes 56% more time televising replays than the game itself. The 20 mandatory TV commercial breaks with up to 100 ads takes up about an hour, or one-third of the televised game.

The game clock is often permitted to run even when the ball is not in play, so that 60% of the time is spent watching players and referees loitering on the field. Permitting the game clock to run after most plays has become an effective strategy for coaches and a waste of time for fans to sit through.

My opinion would be to stop the game clock after each play. The game would become more interesting with more plays being run at a quicker pace. Fans attending the game who pay exorbitant prices for tickets, parking, and concessions would finally get their moneys worth for their time. Fans at home could then stop channel surfing between plays.

Joe Cyran


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