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Letter: Figuring out conspiracy is the real challenge

A great deal of conspiracy theories have been generated around the “whistleblower’s complaint.”

As a Counter Intelligence Corps agent in World War II, we received a great deal of information form informants. In general, if it was from one informant, the information was passed up the “chain of command” by normal report. However, if a number of informants informed us the same thing; it was immediately bumped up the “chain of command.”

In my opinion, we had an intelligence officer assigned to the White House who had information from a number of informants that the president misused his power in asking a foreign leader to provide information on a political rival.

It also inferred that the president’s personal lawyer and attorney general would be involved. This became a red flag issue, and the whistleblower elected to use the Whistleblower Act to get the information for congressional oversight.

My question is, where is the conspiracy – with the whistleblower or the president?

Richard Snethen


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