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Letter: Collins’ recent guilty plea is anything but ‘fake news’

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Chris Collins has just plead guilty to insider trading and lying to the FBI among other federal felony charges. This from a man who vehemently claimed his innocence and claimed it all was fake news.

It appears the only fake news was the stories that he was telling. It is too bad the voters of the 27th congressional district believed this shyster for so many years.

He claimed he always had the interests of his voters first and foremost, but unfortunately, with his guilty plea, that turned out to be more fake news on his part.

It is too bad the voters of the 27th did not take notice of what the voters of Erie County did when they booted him out of the county executive office after one term.

Some might say that this may prove that business people have no idea how to govern but are only interested in their own self-interest.

Not unlike a certain current president who is currently under an impeachment inquiry for similar reasons.

I guess the rotten fruit does not fall far from the tree.

Gerald Scott


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