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Letter: Collins’ resignation should signal the start

Chris Collins’ resignation is proof of the strength of America’s core value: the rule of law prevails in this country.

Despite his continuing insistence that he was completely innocent, that he would fight the “fake news witch hunt” charges against him and would be exonerated at trial, the institutions which keep our nation secure from corruption worked, particularly legislative ethics oversight, the FBI, the free press and the judicial system.

To the very end, Collins was proud of being the very first one to endorse and keep supporting a morally bankrupt, malignantly narcissistic, world-class liar and grifter, who won the presidency with his galactically stupid Reality TV nonsense and help from the Russians.

Had the Republicans nominated anyone else and that person won in 2016, our country would not be going through a daily dose of juvenile behavior, public policy conducted by tweet, presidential lawlessness and incompetence.

Is there any doubt remaining that Donald Trump will now go even further and attempt to destroy the country, if necessary, to save himself?

My hope, and guess, is that like Collins, Trump is eventually going down one way or another – either through an impeachment conviction or an election defeat. And when Trump is out of office, convicted for multiple crimes and put in jail, that day is the moment when we can be proud that our institutions work and we’ve truly made America great again.

Victor C. Laudisio

Orchard Park

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