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Letter: Do not leave Orchard Park just to build a new stadium

To build or not to build a new Bills stadium that is the question. “Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows” (credit Shakespeare) of the NFL commissioner, or keeping up with the “Jerry” Jones, etc., as per Stanford economist Roger Noll, stadiums simply do not generate significant local economic growth.

With two NFL preseason games and eight regular season games, maybe a playoff game, maybe a concert or two, it’s fair to say basketball and hockey arenas are much better economic deals for cities because they are used much more often.

When it comes to stadiums, we could all learn much from those nations with a much longer history than we have had here in the United States such as in England, Europe, and Australia. These countries/nations have many beautiful stadiums that were built in the 1800s and they are still being used today for professional football (soccer), rugby, music concerts, etc. They simply preserve the stadiums by continually improving on their infrastructure, technology, upgrading amenities and more instead of demolishing them and building new ones.

I attend many Bills and Sabres games on an annual basis and enjoy both sports venues. The Orchard Park/Bills game experience is a great one. There is no logical reason to abandon this sports venue for something new given the lack of economic benefit coming from something new.

Terry Pegula is a bright businessman with a Penn State engineering degree and a genuine real passion for the Buffalo Sabre’s and Buffalo Bills. He will do the right thing.

It’s my hope that Terry and his wife and co-owner Kim Pegula driven by the recent stadium feasibility study, will just continue to improve the stadiums infrastructure, technology, fan experience, stadium amenities, and reasonably priced game tickets for attendees and just preserve what we have already built here in Orchard Park.

Go Bills!

Steve Plesac

Mansfield, Pa.

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